"The Asymmetric Technologies' FSRs did a great job at maintaining lines of communi­cation for future missions with the systems and provided feedback on troubleshooting maintenance issues we've had in keeping it in operation."
— Company Grade Engineering Officer


OUR SINGULARLY SMART REPS HAVE DOUBLY STRONG BACKGROUNDS. The War on Terror led to an unprecedented proliferation of military technology. Service members are introduced to new equipment, tactics and practices on a daily basis. Experience has shown time and again that equipment is only as effective as the warrior trained to use it. With the steady arrival of new devices, you—the developer—want to ensure that your technology is pulled out of the kit bag first. Training by our FSRs gives you added assurance that the Warfighter will use your technology with total confidence…and maximum effectiveness. There are two compelling reasons for this: (1) Our FSRs aren't run of the mill service reps but highly competent technical specialists who understand their first priority is making the technology work; and (2) our FSRs aren't just technically competent but combat savvy vets as well. They maintain a comprehensive understanding of technology integration and they can direct a successful product introduction: a solid interface with Program Managers and members of the Science and Technology (S&T) community, along with a thorough grasp of product maintenance, logistical challenges, lifecycle and cost issues.

Not many years ago field service reps were unlikely to have combat experience. Few could have anticipated the global impact, the mutating tactics or the types of weapons that are part and parcel of modern asymmetric warfare. Our FSRs are a strikingly different breed, born of two decades of urban guerilla fighting and counterinsurgency battles. When they find that Private or Lance Corporal in the field, they come armed not only with the technical know how, but a keen appreciation for the circumstances faced daily by the men and women out front.