Gary F. Sargent
Director of Strategic Initiatives
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Gary is a retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel with over 26 years of combined US government and military experience. He brings to Asymmetric Technologies a deep and unique understanding of the current asymmetric challenges facing the US today and tomorrow. Gary's skill sets include an agile approach to defining the optimum solution set to your requirements. His flexibility has allowed his career to encompass a wealth of unique experiences, having served at the detachment, battalion, MACOM, and Department of Army levels as a Special Forces Officer, as the Security Assistance Chief in Beirut, Lebanon, and having spent his recent post military retirement working as a program manager with the rapid research and development office (SPO) at ERDC-CRREL. Gary understands the current operational environment better than most, has been an Irregular Warfare, COIN and Foreign Internal Defense subject matter expert since early in his military career. His resume includes multiple combat and operational deployments in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean; foreign language expertise; and a unique perspective on counter-terrorism and the international environment through his academic research and multiple years as an associate professor at the United States Military Academy and California Polytechnic State University. At ERDC-CRREL, Gary worked all steps of multiple rapid research and development projects from concept through effective transition with user units.

Gary will work with you on developing a unique solution set to your current challenges.