"Asymmetric Technologies' employees are 'spot on' personally and professionally."
— Engineering Technician, ERDC, Vicksburg, MS


VERY OFTEN TIMING ISN'T EVERYTHING. TEAMING IS. Asymmetric Technologies is a name known and respected by leading DoD contractors, government laboratories, private research facilities, university technology commercialization offices, military leaders and groundbreaking military technology firms. Loners, especially smaller companies, rarely have the capital, the contacts and the in-house combat expertise needed to get a product through the labyrinthine process that leads to the program manager and, ultimately, integration into a DoD program. We seek relationships with commercially successful companies and inventors looking to break into the DoD market. Whether you're an individual entrepreneur with a single product idea or a major corporation spearheading a new technology relevant to the Warfighter, we'd like to talk with you about a possible partnership. If you're a current contractor with a product you firmly believe in that can't get past barriers to the battlefield, we can very likely help. Your phone call could be the game changer.