OUR EXPERT ADVISORS CONSISTENTLY WIN THE GREATEST BATTLE — WITH BUREAUCRACY. Between the R&D laboratory and the battlefield lies a cluster of red tape and frustration that can easily overwhelm a newcomer. Every new product must be guided through this bureaucratic maze of time and space—past seemingly countless points of approval or disapproval, refinement or rejection, by often redundant military, government, and technical evaluators and decision makers.

Our understanding of military laboratories, research facilities and specialty technology programs can get you before the right audience. Our combat experience can help you articulate the relevance of your idea. And our expertise in acquisitions can facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships with government agencies.

AGGRESSIVELY TURNING LABORATORY CONCEPTS INTO OPERATIONAL REALITIES. Closely allied with our consulting service are in house product and technology development capabilities. The top professional product designers and innovators we employ can turn your good concepts and prototypes into feasible technology. We assist you in presenting your products to government laboratories with the goal of integrating into ongoing government Science and Technology programs. Exposure and programmatic guidance gained facilitates efficient transition to a program of record. Our documented success in the industry has created effective channels of communication with Army labs and military leaders who understand the tangible values we bring to our nation's asymmetric defense needs. In short, our product development expertise, coupled with an extensive network of civilian R&D partners, provides cost efficient paths for the integration of new products and technology to DoD programs.