"Without a doubt Asymmetric Technologies' employees are the cream of the crop. I have stated several times to the Asymmetric employees, the other contractors and the government employees that you should be the hiring authority for the government."
— Government COR, ERDC



Our team understands your operational requirements. Our staff of seasoned professionals is dedicated to meet your tactical and operational training goals. We are dedicated to insuring that indigenous capabilities are improved rapidly and effectively. Our size allows us to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and develop training that exceeds expectations and operational goals. We are capable of providing the correct expertise for your training requirements and can provide a unique solution set soundly based in solid real world experience. Our team of former and retired SOF professionals excels in providing adaptive trainers and leaders to meet your force requirements. We understand irregular warfare and are experts in Foreign Internal Defense.

We realize clients are different — and so are the operational challenges associated with new tactical and operational techniques and procedures. Our focus is working with your organization to understand those operational challenges by providing a unique approach that meets both your needs and the user requirements.