TOP PAY FOR TOP PROFESSIONALS. No "regular jobs"—just special assignments for the very best. We're looking for the truly exceptional. Leaders by nature. Confident. Resilient. Mission driven. Proud of their work because they do it superbly well. These are the people —the only people— Asymmetric Technologies will consider. Because we're not just a group of contractors. We're an agile, responsive and elite team of experts and warriors committed to America's safety and security. Joining our ranks doesn't merely mean you have a cool job. It means an absolute dedication to the men and women employing the state of the art technology they need to win in any conflict around the world.


Asymmetric Technologies associates are not sales people. They're sophisticated, mission minded enablers. Whether it's force protection measures, counter-IED equipment, military construction techniques or other specialty programs for the warfighter, AT associates provide expert technical assistance and full spectrum embedded support to end users

You'll often receive training with an official government laboratory before deploying to conflict zones for product integration and operationalization. You'll train, certify and advise junior leaders on the proper use of critical force multiplying equipment. You'll advise senior leaders and commanders on product capabilities, limitations, TTPs, maintenance and requisition. You're there to ensure that service members can use a new technology, and that leaders know how to employ it.


Since we expect outstanding performance from you, we expect to reward you with outstanding compensation.